Help, I’ve dated 3 girls in 5years! They all ended the relationship- 30 year old Man cries out.

Help, I’ve dated 3 girls in 5years! They all ended the relationships- 30 year old Man cries out.

Between 25 years and 30 years. I had gone into three different relationship with different ladies, I saw so many things.

There is this particular Lady I recently dated. She is far younger than me. She is 21 years old while I am 30 years old. I went for a young lady because of so many factors I considered. I thought within myself a young lady will be; submissive, supportive, respectful and reasonable to a large extent.I loved her dearly, over time I couldn’t really tell if she loved me the way I do.

We continued the relationship. We came from a different tribe and that wasn’t a problem. I am from Delta state while she is from Abia state. We discussed on so many things including topics about marriage and the future, likes and dislike; any topic you can think of. I am aware no body is perfect, we all have our likes and dislike. So we talked about our weaknesses particularly our major differences. As for me my weakness is just “anger” and over the years I had Learnt to control my anger and it has worked for me. In that period of anger: I keep silence or move out from that environment which I told her, because little things makes me angry. She told me her own weakness too: Suspicious, trust issues, stubbornness, over assumption (assuming things). I loved her so dearly, I thought within myself it shouldn’t be a problem for me. Not knowing that this her weakness was just the starting point to a major heartbreak.

I really loved her so much, I continued the relationship. I do must of the calls, chat, and whatever you can think of. While she responds, on few occasion she calls me. I had proven my love for her in the way I can and she knows it.

Her weakness did play out in the relationship which I ignored and I continued the relationship because of “love”. I uploaded her status and wrote wonderful things, saying she was my “val” on Valentine day. She demanded that I snap the picture for her to see the people who viewed it. I wanted asking why? I realized that her weakness is playing out. So I did snap it and send to her. She kept silence and didn’t give me any reason at all to why I snapped it to her. I ignored and continued with the relationship because I loved her.

Recently, she decided to put my love for her to a test because she doubted the fact that I loved her. Remember, her weakness I said earlier. She decided to make me angry in other to test if I loved her and to test my level of tolerance. She got me angry, she decided not to respond to my chat and call. This act really got me upset, I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided not to call her for some days. After two days I called her and eventually she said ” you said u loved me but now I know I just put up that attitude to see your level of tolerance. Anyway u are free. Thanks for everything. We are not meant for each other.

Presently, we are no longer in any relationship. My question is that, is there a problem with me? Why can’t I keep relationships?

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