I was stabbed by my girlfriend’s boyfriend with Orange knife|Popular R&B singer Mp Asosco Asoga

My name is MP Asosco Asoga. I’m an artist and a popular r&b singer.

I hate double-dating, if I’m in a relationship I like to fully define it and follow it with passion. I found this girl in portharcourt, we both like each other, I even thought I was going to marry her, I didn’t know she was dating another guy.

I confronted her when I got to know about it, but she said it’s a gradual process. There was a day I met the guy in her house, she even had the gut to introduce me to the guy. The next thing I heard was, “what are you doing here”

I confidently told him I was there for the lady, with a naive and pure mind. He immediately ordered me to leave, and because I am not the type that will fight over a lady, I left. I never knew that the guy had a plan for me. Mind you, I stopped seing the lady.

One day I was on my way to GRA Port Harcourt, suddenly I was surrounded by different guys, and because it was in the night I tried to run, they followed me. The next thing I saw was that he took a knife from an orange seller and stabbed me by my side. I started bleeding seriously, I was stranded and alone. I thought I was going to die. Thank God I was with my phone, I immediately called my friend who came and rushed me to the hospital. As soon as I felt better, I just ended the relationship.

My second relationship story.

I met this lady at Igbo Etche, a town in portharcourt. I so much love this lady with passion, I had plans to marry her. I did everything possible to make her mine. We dated for four years, and it was a sweet experience until she got pregnant for me.

During the first pregnancy, we both agreed to abort the baby. I wasn’t prepared for any serious commitment then. I just wanted to catch Cruise with her. She was ok with it, and we both had a mutual agreement. After some months, she took in again, this time around in was ready to be a father. I begged her not to abort the baby, which she agreed to.


After some months, I was expecting a protruded belly, but everything was as flat as normal. I became suspicious, and asked how is my baby doing? That was when she told me she had aborted the pregnancy. I felt so bad and used. That was the end of that relationship for me.

I’m not married it’s been 3 years now I don’t have any date,

I’m scared of ladies

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