My experience as a dredge master in Ogoni Rivers State. Mr Kingsley Ubong.

My experience as a dredge master.

Working at site was a great experience. The site work was a dredging work location at Ogoni in Bori. The distance to Bori from Port Harcourt is 1 hour 30 minutes ride using public transport. Despite the fact it was a great experience, it was also a stressful one at that too.

The dredge master.

People say “when the pay is big the stress will be much” So when I mean dredging work I meant sucking out the sand from the river, disposing it into the dump. At the dump it comes out from the pipe which is already connected to the dredging machine. The sand comes out in form of sand and water. The sand remains, while the water finds it way out of the dump.

The dump is the place where the sand reside. From the picture you see a guy walking on top of the pipe going toward the dredger. The dredger looks like a container, the machine used for pumping out the sand is in it.

Diesel is needed to start the dredger and then pumping commences. We have the dredger master, the one who operates the machine, we have the assistant; he assist the dredge master in pumping the sand while we have the dump master in charge of the dump where the sand stays, his work is to ensure that the sand reside in the dump and the sand is not lost.

Manhole is created in the dump allowing the flow of water out of the dump. Finally we have the site manger / supervisor, he ensures that the work at the site goes on properly, ensures that the diesel used for working is delivered to the site. He his in charge of paying the salary and feeding of the workers, he reports to his boss / madam. He handles the recording and expenses incured as a result of the site work.

Every one working at the site, are all male. We resume work at the site by 8am because of the distance from the accommodation site to the work site.

The dredging site is always located in the Bush. So we get to site by 8am and close by 5pm daily, Monday to Saturday.

Sunday is our free day. If you came to the site fat, by the time the road contract comes to an end, you leave the work slim due to the stress. Most people that do not know how to swim eventually dies in the river but it happens on rear cases.

That’s my experience so far, no hustle is easy.

I am Kingsley Ubong

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