Rabiu the shoe maker|| I get my motivation from Apostle Joshua Selman’s messages.

Rabiu the shoe maker|| I get my motivation from Apostle Joshua Selman’s messages.

Janesdiary had a chat moment with Rabiu the shoe maker. He told us how much he makes from shoe repairs, and How he started this business. He also stated that, what gives him motivation and driving force are the messages he listens to.


“I started my business on 1st January 2022 it was like play, I was praying to God to show me how I can survive in portharcourt. I was already planning to go back to the north.

The thought of making shoes just dropped on my mind. I decided to give it a trial. That was how I started the shoe maker business. I started with little capital.

Rabiu the shoe maker

I made an ugly table for a start and some people started coming to me to make shoes for them and amending their shoes,slippers that are bad and some that are cut.

I listen to messages alot and it motivates me to do better. Every now and then my ears is listening to Apostle Joshua Selman’s messages. The recharge business is not mine. My madam suggested to me that I should be helping her to sell the recharge with my shoe business as I do so, people will know that I am a shoe maker. And people will patronize my business. And it happened that way. I don’t move around like most people do. My business is along the street as you can see from the picture.

As I am working, I keep buying my shoe items little by little till I am able to buy all I need for a successful shoe making business.

My challenges

Yes indeed I faced little challenge when I started. I gave someone #900 to buy some of the shoe item for me being that I don’t know where to buy this item here in Port Harcourt. He collected my money and ran away. Luckily for me I was told where to buy the various items later.

My driving force

I downloaded the message “mindset and stronghold” by Apostle Joshua Selman. It does not matter were I come from, it is where I am going that matters, so he said. And that kept me going.

My Earnings daily

In a day I earn between #1,500 – #2,000 . And some time less than that.

What’s your excuse?

Meet another Shoe maker. Sule.

He said he treks a long distance to earn a living.

He said, “After trekking a long distance from one location to the next, from house to house, looking for people whose shoes need to be repaired, I barely make N500 daily”

Sule the shoe maker

He claimed that trekking is not enjoyable at all.

“Even in the scorching sun, I trek to stay alive. To be able to see food to eat, when I pass through neighborhoods where people live, they frequently ask me to clean their shoes. In a single day, I can earn up to N1,000, especially in a densely populated area”

Not to mention the food I consume on a daily basis.
On other days, after trekking for a long distance, I had no money at all.
Today, after trekking for a long distance, I was able to make #500.

I bet you, no hustling is easy.

I decided to take a break to recharge my batteries. “Body ain’t no firewood.”I’m exhausted… This is how I take care of myself. Except on Sundays, I do this work every day.

“I’m a Muslim, so when it’s time for me to pray, I’ll stop what I’m doing and pray. I take a break from work, go somewhere quiet, and pray to my God, asking him to help me in this life and to meet my needs as the days pass”

He stood up and began to move again after resting and praying, going to a different location in search of people who would call him to adjust their shoes.I don’t have a spouse, he waved goodbye.

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