Help! I’ve lost two babies at birth after years of waiting||Woman cries out.

A woman who pleaded anonymity has cried out for help, after loosing two babies on different birth experiences.

Read her words below.

My husband and I married at a young age. Despite the fact that my husband’s family disliked and didn’t want me. My husband stood firm in his belief that he wanted to be with me. Do I love my husband as much as he loved me? If you don’t mind my asking, Yes, I’ve always adored my husband. I’ve always wanted to be with him, even if it was for the rest of my life.Finally we got married, and God was with us all the way.

The wedding was a hit with the locals. We were both head over heels in love, and our marriage was a resounding success.After several years of waiting and trusting God for the womb’s fruit. I was pregnant at the time, and it was a miracle. .

It was a happy thing Because we were expecting a baby, you could see the joy on my husband’s face. I spent a lot of time out during my pregnancy. People in my environment saw and knew I was pregnant because I was the outgoing type. The majority of people congratulated me, but a few did not. I was already 9 months into the pregnancy, and we were expecting a baby, either a boy or a girl, or twins. On the day of the deal, my husband was in the hospital with me. There was a serious complication with the delivery process, and I lost the baby.

The baby had passed away.It was a traumatic experience.My husband was upset, but he consoled me by saying everything was fine.

We’re going to keep trying. I forgot to mention that my husband and I went to the doctor for a checkup earlier this week and he said we were fine. It was a sign that I can still be pregnant. Then I thought to myself, “What exactly is wrong?” Why didn’t the baby make it?

After many years of childlessness, my husband and I continued to try and pray. I eventually became pregnant, and I was overjoyed. This time, I went to a praying church and decided to avoid making any mistakes because I’m not sure where the problem is coming from. God made it happen, and I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The baby boy was not born being in good health, we’ve gone from one medication to the other. We squandered our funds on medication after medication. The baby died, and we were devastated.

I don’t know what is wrong with me.

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