Job Openings at Fidelity Bank

Job Openings at Fidelity Bank
This is to inform prospective bankers of a juicy bank opening at Fidelity Bank.
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We’re looking for someone to fill the following positions:
Job title: Compliance
Location: Lagos
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A bachelor’s degree in any field is required. A lawyer with a law degree will be given extra consideration. ACAMS, ACA, or ACCA are examples of professional qualifications. Over 3 years of compliance experience in the financial services, telecommunications, or oil & gas industries.
Application Instructions: Interested and competent candidates should send their CVs to with the subject line “Job Title.”


Sample image of a compliance officer’s desk.
According to the job description for a bank compliance officer, the person in the role must keep up with changes in governmental and financial laws and regulations. A qualified bank compliance officer must also assess the bank’s policies and procedures on a regular basis to ensure that they do not violate state or federal laws.
Description of the Position
The bank compliance officer’s job is to make sure that everyone who works in a financial institution follows all state and federal laws and regulations.
Bank Secrecy Regulations, Fair Credit Acts, and Anti-Money Laundering Laws are all things he knows about.
  • Ensures that the bank’s policies and procedures comply with all mortgage-related rules and regulations.
  • Investigates and resolves concerns and gray areas concerning banking rules and regulations, ensuring that the institution does not violate any laws.
  • When new laws and regulations are approved by state or federal governing bodies, he or she implements and manages them.
  • Understands and enforces consumer protection and public interest laws.
  • Provides compliance assistance to the Risk Management Department.
  • Assists the bank’s Chief Operating Officer in ensuring that all policies and procedures are followed to the letter and that no shortcuts are made.
  • Regularly provides training to newly hired workers and other banking personnel, especially when state or federal requirements change.
  • When probable non-compliance occurs within the institution, initiates an investigation.
  • When necessary, provides support and assistance to independent auditors.
Knowledge, skills, and abilities required
It is necessary to have:
  • sharp analytic abilities
  • You must be meticulous in your work.
  • A fundamental understanding of business functions is required.
  • Experience dealing with audits is required.
  • Good research skills are required.
  • A basic understanding of statistics is required.
  • Excellent verbal communication abilities are required.
  • Strong writing abilities are required.
  • Ability to use project management and financial analysis tools is required.
  • To adequately perform the tasks of a compliance officer, one must be honest and trustworthy.
Experience and Education
Undergraduate degree in finance, accounting, economics, law, or business, and graduate degree in finance, accounting, economics, law, or business at a larger bank.
The Institute of Certified Bankers offers the Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) certification, which requires three years of experience as a compliance officer and 80 hours of authorized training courses.
CBCO (Certified Bank Compliance Officer) is a position in the banking industry. Other Certification are a Certified Regulatory and Compliance Professional (CRCP).
  • 3 to 5 years of experience managing compliance regulatory initiatives, working in an investment banking environment, or in another financial management role.
Working Conditions
In a bank office setting, time will be spent studying procedures and interacting with bank personnel concerning procedures.
Employees can anticipate to spend time learning about changes in banking regulations as well as any new legislation that apply to their jobs.
Expect to attend meetings with other bank officers to discuss policies and strategize on the best methods to be compliant.
Travel to other bank locations will be required.
Do you qualify for this opening? Please feel free to apply.

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