On the plane, she sat next to the obnoxious guy. After that, they fell in love.

On the plane, she sat next to the obnoxious guy. After that, they fell in love.

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Krystina Burton rolled her eyes the first time she met Gabriel Solberg.Burton, a 30-year-old dancer living and working in Los Angeles at the time, was waiting to travel home after a New York audition at JFK.

It was a very early morning. She got a row of seats to herself because the terminal was mostly empty.Burton was angry when a man sat right next to her, his luggage on the floor.Solberg, then 34, was returning from a trip to Europe to see family.

He wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings because he was bleary-eyed after an airport overnight stay.Burton remembers thinking,

“This person doesn’t have spatial awareness.”

Burton could see the seat since the two strangers were sitting so close together.

Solberg’s aircraft ticket has a number on it. She groaned internally as she realized he had the airline seat next to her.

She didn’t want to sit with someone who didn’t grasp the notion of personal space for six hours.It was July of this year. In retrospect, Solberg is ready to defend himself and recalls events in a somewhat different perspective.

“That’s her point of view,” he jokes to CNN Travel. “When I got to that terminal, it was jam-packed with people, so I just took an empty chair.”

I was only there for about five minutes.”Burton claims Solberg barely sat down for a few moments because he leapt to his feet the moment boarding was announced, confirming her fears about his arrogance.”I know we’re in the same boarding group because we’re sitting close to each other.

But he’d already gotten away, and he boarded the plane with a strange bunch of people “Burton told CNN Travel about it.Burton tried to put her headphones in soon after boarding the Alaska Airlines flight and saw Solberg already ensconced in their row to avoid any interaction.

“However, because I’m not quick enough, he engages me right away.”Solberg hadn’t noticed Burton at the terminal, but as soon as she boarded the plane, he recognized her and walked up the aisle to his row.He claims that her smile blew him away, and then something clicked.He grinned and continued, “Hey, weren’t you sitting next to me in the terminal?

“Burton smiled as he replied, “You were seated next to me.”Burton’s initial opinion of Solberg as arrogant and self-centered vanished as the two began conversing.”I feel like the banter was immediate,” Burton recalls now.

“As soon as I got on the plane and was getting to my seat, I feel like it just changed — there was no annoyance.”Over the loudspeaker, the captain said that the plane had been delayed and would most likely not depart for another couple of hours. Burton and Solberg sat in the center and aisle seats, respectively.

This was because, the passenger next to the window fell asleep almost instantly, they soon had the entire row to themselves.While the plane was still on the ground, Solberg and Burton conversed, moving from small banter to larger issues.

“We talked about everything,” Solberg recalls.They talked about their employment, where they lived, and why they were going to Los Angeles. They also shared a passion for travel — Solberg, who is half-French and half-American and was born in Germany, has spent his entire life traveling.

On the plane, she sat next to the obnoxious guy. After that, they fell in love.

Burton’s career as a dancer led her all over the world.When the plane finally took off, Solberg and Burton seemed to have known each other for years.

They watched a few of movies together, but they spoke and joked the entire time.”I told her how bad her movie choices were,” Solberg explains.

“We’re attempting to watch ‘Planet of the Apes,’ which I believe is a fantastic film,” Burton explains. “However, he said, ‘This is the most dumb movie I’ve ever watched.'”

Solberg’s directness and sense of humor drew Burton in. Underneath the jokes, he was clearly a nice guy.There was also time for more serious discourse throughout the six-hour flight.

Burton and Solberg discussed spirituality and religion, as well as their distinct perspectives on life.”It was just,” adds Solberg.”It was just a natural dialogue.

“When the plane touched down, their seatmate was surprised.”

Clearly, no one knew each other when we first aboard. Then he fell asleep for the duration of the flight.

We were basically sitting on top of each other at the end of the flight, and this guy wakes up at the end of the flight, like, ‘What’s going on here?’ “Solberg recalls, laughing.The link wasn’t obvious to the man on the window seat. Solberg and Burton could see it as well.


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