University Of Pretoria Students Study WhatsApp Group chat Link 2022_2023

Hi you are welcome to my site You must be one of those searching for University of Pretoria WhatsApp Group link online. If yes, this article will give you the answer to what you’re searching for so endeavour to read this article to the end so as to get the WhatsApp group link.

University of Pretoria is one of the top universities in South Africa as we all know and alot of students and alot of people are still aspiring to study in the university so in this article I will be dropping a WhatsApp link where you will join and meet your fellow students in University of Pretoria South Africa. So before joining, endeavour to read the rules and regulations of the group to avoid been removed for violating any of them. Also you might also be wondering about the benefit that is to be derived from joining this group, well I will be outlining the aim of creating this group for this will enable you know if what you are searching for can be found in the group.


In this University of Pretoria group, as a new member , the following are the benefit you can derive from joining the group both for those already studying in the school as well as those aspiring to study in university, Kindly check them out below.

  • As a student aspiring to study in the university , this is a forum where you can see student already studying in the school s well as your fellow students aspiring to study in the school , so you can easily ask questions on how to process your admission.
  • For those already studying in the school, this is a forum where you can meet your course mates and make new friends.
  • This group is not just for chatting but informations concerning the school will also be posted in this group so this means that you won’t miss any information concerning the school since you are in the midst of all students from the school.
  • Take note you are also free to ask questions concerning any topic that you don’t understand very well. So you can see that it’s not just for fun but it’s an educative forum. Any time you have difficulties in solving any questions or answering any questions endeavour you post such questions to the group and someone will give you hint on how to provide solutions to what you need.
  • In this forum, you can see link to your own Department study WhatsApp Group link for your department online tutorials.

Now that you have seen the benefits and aim of creating the university WhatsApp group you can now take note of the following group rules and regulations before joining the University WhatsApp group.


Here I will be outlining the group rules and registration, just incase you are meeting this post for the first time make sure you read and understand the group rules and regulations and make sure you abide by it because once violated for some number of times, you will be removed without any notice so make sure you keep to the rules of the group.

  • Here in this university WhatsApp group, we forbid posting of pornography emoji or pictures or videos.
  • Do not spam the group with unrelevant links so endeavour to post what will benefit the group members.
  • Any post with the intent to collect money from group members is forbidden here unless first take permission from the group admin then here we can review your post before giving you go ahead to post, so if any group member violate this particular rule, he will be removed without prior notice.
  • Note this group is for only students already studying in the stated university as well as those aspiring to study in the school, so don’t join if you don’t have connections with the school.
  • Do not chat fight, we try as much s possible to maintain one love so members are not allowed to chat fight each other.
  • Once you have graduated from the school you are to chat the group admin to add you to the university graduated student WhatsApp group chat, so that you can leave this particular group as well.

Now that you have seen the group rules and regulations if you have accepted to abide by it you can now click HERE or the image below to join the University Of Pretoria WhatsApp group.


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