Southern Cross University Australia 2022-2023 Aspirant Active WhatsApp Group Link


Definitely, you are one of those currently searching for Southern Cross University, Australia WhatsApp Group Link for 2022-2023 academic session. Endeavour to read this article from beginning till the end. By reading this article, you’ll get to know why joining this group is important. You’ll also get access to the group link.

Southern Cross University is regarded as a reputable tertiary institution. Therefore, a large number of students aspire to study in the University. Due to this, admission becomes competitive. If you’re to be considered for admission, you’re going to have an edge over every other students. You have to arm yourself with necessary details and core information regarding the admission process. Because even the minutest detail can go a long way to helping you gain admission into Southern Cross University.

I’ll be dropping below a WhatsApp Group Link where you will join your fellow students. These students are also seeking to gain entry into the Southern Cross University, Australia.

Please take note that this group link is not only for Aspirants. It is also for students of Southern Cross University. This WhatsApp Group is in no way restricted to Australian citizens or residents only. It is open for everyone who aspire to study in the Southern Cross, regarded of where you’re in the world.

Before joining, please endeavour to read the rules and regulations of the group to avoid being removed for violating any of them.


I believe every deliberate action such have an aims and purpose. Therefore, this WhatsApp Group aims at achieving something. Here are some of the aims and objectives of the WhatsApp Group:-

  • This Group aims at bringing together, a portion of the vast amount of students who are aspiring to gain entry into the University. Students have a sense of belonging, when they are around their colleagues, hence the creation of this group.
  • Also, this group aims at adequately providing reliable and authentic information about admission into the University.
  • Lastly, this WhatsApp group aims at connecting Aspirants to students who are already studying in the University. Aspirants can satisfy their curiosity by asking questions to students who are already studying in the Southern Cross University, Australia.


Here are some of the benefits you can derive from joining the group. This applies to those who are aspiring to study in the University, and those who are already studying in the University of Southern Cross Australia.

  • As a student aspiring to study in the University, this platform is where you can see students already studying in the school. You also get to meet your fellow students aspiring to study in the school. So you can easily ask questions on how to process your admission.
  • For those already studying in the school, this is a forum where you can meet your course mates and make new friends.
  • This group is not just for chatting but information concerning the school will also be posted in this group. Therefore, you won’t miss any information concerning the school since you’re in the midst of all students from the school.
  • This Group is an educative forum. You’re free to ask questions concerning any topic that you don’t understand. If you have difficulties in solving any question or answering any question, please endeavour to post such question to the group. Someone will give you hint on how to provide solutions to what you need.
  • In this forum, you can see the link to your own department study WhatsApp Group Link for your department online tutorials.

Now, please take note of the following group rules and regulations before joining the University WhatsApp Group.


Here, I will be listing out the group rules and regulations. In case you’re reading this for the first time, please make sure you read and understand the group rules and regulations and abide by it. Because once violated for some number of times, you will be removed without any notice. So make sure you keep to the rules of the group.

  • Posting of nudes and pornography – whether in form of pictures, stickers or videos – is prohibited.
  • Do not spam the group with irrelevant links, so endeavour to post what will benefit the group members.
  • Any post with the intend to collect money from group members is forbidden, unless due permission is granted by the group admin. Violating this rule will warrant eviction from the group.
  • No argument or chat fight is allowed. We try as much as possible to maintain one love so members are not allowed to chat fight with each other.
  • Once you graduate from the school, you are to inform the group admin to add you to the University graduates WhatsApp Group Chat.

If you’ve accepted to abide by all the rules, you can click HERE

Or click here:

2022 Nov/Dec South Africa Matric Examination Students Study WhatsApp Group Link


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