How Many Questions Are There In Post Utme Exam ?


You are welcome to my blog. Definitely you are one of those students writing post utme in one of the institutions in Nigeria if yes , this article  with title How Many Questions Are There In Post Utme ? Will give you all the details you need to know concerning post utme such as the range of  number of questions you are expected to see , the areas the questions will be set and how to calculate your aggregate,  this will enhance your preparation for the post utme examination.

Most query coming online concerning Post utme include :

  • How Many Questions Are There In Post Utme Exam ?
  • How do I calculate my post utme Aggregate score ?
  • Is post UTME a written exam ?
  • What is the total score for post UTME ?
  • Is Post UTME exam objective or theory ?
  • Is post UTME harder than JAMB ?
  • What is post UTME cut off mark ?
  • How many subjects are written in Post UTME ?
  • I need Post UTME Past Questions ?

All these questions listed above will be answer here so endeavour to read this post till the end for complete information.

How Many Questions Are There In Post Utme Exam

Post Utme Exam have a range of 50 to 100 questions depending on  the institution so have it in mind that you are expecting 50 to 100 questions in your post utme examination which will be answered in a given time take note.

Is Post UTME exam objective or theory ?

Post Utme Exam is usually objective so during your preparation make sure you get the past Questions of the particular school you want to wrote their post utme , this will facilitate your preparation by having knowledge of how post utme exam questions looks like and the areas that you need to prepare your self on.

How many subjects are written in Post UTME ?

Post Utme Exam is usually on Mathematics,  English , General paper (Note inside the General paper we have some questions from your field I.e the course you are aspiring from like medical courses we see Chemistry,  Biology questions,  and also current affairs,  questions can be in General paper).


Well , comparing post utme and jamb , jamb is harder than post utme , so endeavour to make of your past Questions and prepare your self very well.

Steps On How To Prepare For Post Utme Exam

When Preparing for post utme examination in any institution in Nigeria the following steps and guide should be considered :

  • First make sure your stay away from anything that will distract you during your preparation.
  • Second make sure you get a posr utme past question of the institutions you are aspiring for.
  • Now that you have the past Questions endeavour to answer the questions as you practice and when Done use the past Questions and answer book to evaluate your performance.
  • Once you enter the exam hall make sure you go straight to the part/ section you are familiar with since there is English,  Mathematics,  general paper.
  • Try as much as possible to manage your time very well and don’t be in hurry to submit,  make sure you cross check your work before submitting if there is still time.
  • Take note be positive minded don’t be afraid of the exam have thw confidence that you can make it.


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