Landlords cannot raise rent unilaterally; both of you must agree – Nigerian Lawyer

Landlords cannot raise rent unilaterally; both of you must agree – Nigerian Lawyer.
According to a Nigerian lawyer, landlords cannot unilaterally raise rent.
Before rent may be raised, both the landlord and the tenant must agree, according to @Egi Nupe_. He also encouraged tenants to demand a quit notice if their landlord persisted on raising the rent.
The lawyer went on to say that when the quit notice has expired, only a court order can evict a renter from the premises.
He posted on Twitter;
Your landlord cannot raise your rent unilaterally; both of you must agree. If he persists, serve him with a quit notice. Only a court order can evict you from the property after the lease has expired.
Following the uproar caused by his post, he added:
For me, it’s the attorneys who are capping the comments section. The majority of them, it appears, are those who advise their clients-landlords to violate tenants’ rights. They send out sporadic quit notices, instruct landlords to use self-help, and annoy renters.
If not, why is it so difficult to reach an agreement with a tenant before raising the rent? Why do you want to evict a tenant without giving them a written notice or obtaining a court order? What do you gain by lording over tenants and abusing their rights because you control the property? Quite a lot!!!!
The message was clear: agree on a rent increase with your landlord. If you don’t agree, follow the right procedure. But you’re all capping and expecting a thorough course on tenancy law in the comments area.

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