Stingy man: Fr. Mbaka apologizes to Peter Obi

Stingy man: Fr. Mbaka apologizes to Peter Obi
Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN), has publicly apologized to Labour Party Presidential Candidate Peter Obi and all his supporters for his condescending remarks about the politician.
Remember that while preaching in his church on Wednesday, June 16, Fr Mbaka branded Mr. Obi as a stingy guy unfit to be President.
Fr. Mbaka has now issued a public apology after receiving harsh criticism from many Nigerians, as well as the Enugu Diocese and other clergymen.
In his apologetic letter, headlined “Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka Blesses His Excellency Peter Obi and His Followers,” Fr Mbaka stated, “If the supporters of Mr Peter Obi feel offended by my remarks or however I was misconstrued by them, I pray for their understanding and forgiveness.”
According to the apology letter,
“My Dear People of God, I thank God for His incalculable and beneficial favors, miracles, love, and life for the Adoration Ministry in Enugu, Nigeria.” I guarantee God’s people and Nigerians that I am praying for good administration and leadership in this country, and that God will provide us with leaders who are like Him.
unimaginable security issues, an incalculable unemployment crisis, immense corruption, horrible crimes, and unspeakable suffering caused by bad leadership.
I bear with my countrymen and women through everything we are going through during this tough period. I implore the adorers and the entire people of God to join hands in prayer that God may free us from the devil’s and his evil agents’ schemes.
I am a servant of God, and my goal is not to cast aspersions on His Excellency, Peter Obi, but to pray for him. May the will of God be done in his life. I beseech God, whom I serve, to bless our dear people.
In this regard, I extend my best wishes to His Excellency Peter Obi and his followers, as well as the other candidates and their supporters, all of whom have the same goal of providing Nigeria with competent leaders. If my words have hurt Mr Peter Obi’s followers in any way, or if I have been misunderstood by them in any manner, I ask for their forgiveness and understanding. I pray for the well-being of my people as a servant of the Most High God. Good governance, justice, equity, love, and godliness are all values that I strongly believe in.
I pray for peace, love, and whatever else that will bring benefits and favor to our people as they journey through the valleys of shadows of death (Ps23.4).
All my people, as well as our suffocating kids. In all of your trials, I will always be by your side. God will take care of you and miraculously bless you for me.
My goal is not to attack or defame Mr. Peter Obi. He is and has always been my friend and brother, and I adore him and wish him success. May God bless him and all of his admirers. In his political attempts, God’s will be done. (Mk.14:36)
Peter Obi’s followers are the same adolescents for whom I am praying, sacrificing, fighting, speaking, and working for their overall well-being. What the adolescents are going through and their circumstances keep me awake at night. It is for this reason that I aspire to good administration and honorable leadership.
I am not a member of any political party, but I believe in good administration and good people. Any decent individual that God can provide for us is my first pick. I am a servant of God, and I pray for forgiveness in any way I have been misunderstood for the cause of peace. I also pray for Peter Obi’s blessing and the manifestation of God’s will in his life. Who can say no when God says yes? Who can say Yes when God says No? I pray for Peter Obi and bless him. I bless and pray for my beloved fellow Adores. I bless God’s people everywhere, and I wish that all goes well for you.”

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