20 Best Esthetician Schools In NC (North Carolina) | 2022 Admission Requirements


Welcome to my blog. This article titled 20 Best Esthetician Schools In NC (North Carolina) | 2022 Admission Requirements, clearly lists out the top Esthetician Schools in North Carolina. Also, the admission requirements to get admission into an Esthetician School in North Carolina is also given. Everything you need to know about being an Esthetician is explained in this article. If you want to go to an Esthetician School in North Carolina, I advice you read this article from beginning till the end in order to get the full details.

Usually, people who want to go to an Esthetician School in North Carolina asks questions such as:-

  • What do Esthetician do?
  • Skills needed to become an Esthetician
  • What are the best Esthetician Schools In NC North Carolina?
  • Admission Requirements for Esthetician Schools in North Carolina.

Answers to these questions will be adequately provided in the course of this article.

Esthetics has to do with beauty. Esthetics one of the branches of the beauty industry. It is amazing to know that Esthetics, according to records, is one of the fastest growing branches of the beauty industry and is highly profitable. Because of this, quite a lot of persons want to learn Esthetics. There is only one way to learn Esthetics and tap into the potentials of this industry. This is to go to an Esthetician School in order to get certified. There are several Esthetician schools to attend. However, you should go to the best Esthetician Schools to get the best teaching experience.

An Esthetician School is an institute or a training centre where students are taught the skill of Esthetics. Students are taught how to become skincare professionals. Esthetician school provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge on Esthetics and how to become one. Students learn by instruction and demonstrations on mannequins before trying out on real volunteers.

What Do Estheticians Do?

Estheticians provide services relating to beauty. Some of these beauty services include skin care treatments, hair treatment and removal, makeup application, massaging of the face and neck, tinting of eyelashes and eyebrow, waxing and other hair removal techniques. These are some of the services offered by an Esthetician. You should patronize an Esthetician if perhaps, you want to go to an occasion looking gorgeous. They are trained skincare professional, to provide services to those who need it.

Skills Needed To Become An Esthetician?

Naturally, you can’t excel in a profession without having the requisite skills required to succeed in that profession. Likewise, becoming an Esthetician requires you to have certain skills in order to succeed. Some of these skills include:-

  • Customer Service and Good communication skill:- This is very vital for an Esthetician. Why? Because as an Esthetician, you interact with people who are not in your social circle. Hence, you have to have good communication skills in order to proper relate with those people. Proper communication skills ensures proper customer service.
  • Attention to details:- People go to Estheticians for different skin problems. As an Esthetician, you have to ask the right questions and listen attentively to details in order to be able to solve the problem of the customer.
  • Time Management:- an Esthetician should have time Management skill. This is very important. You have to be able to keep an accurate and timely schedule and sometimes that means wrapping up with a customer so the esthetician can move to the next appointment scheduled.

These aforementioned skills doesn’t come naturally to all those who want to become an Esthetician. They can be learnt in a proper and top rated Esthetician School. All you need to do is to go to a top rated Esthetician School and commit to learning. In light of that, this article provides you with the best Esthetician Schools in NC North Carolina.

What Are The Top 20 Best Esthetician Schools In NC (North Carolina)?

As someone who wants to go to an Esthetician School, you should consider going to the best. There are certain skills you need to possess in order to succeed in the profession. These skills can be learnt by going to a proper and top rated Esthetician School. It is in light of this that this article lists out the 20 Best Esthetician Schools In NC North Carolina.

Here are they:

1 Empire Beauty School 10075 Weddington Rd, Concord, NC 28027, United States
2 Alexander Paul Institute of Hair Design 1011 Charles Blvd A, Greenville, NC 27858, United States
3 Paul Mitchell The School Charlotte 1516 Elizabeth Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204, United States
4 Myrangel Beauty Institute Charlotte 9101 Kings Parade Blvd Suite 101, Charlotte, NC 28273, United States
5 Empire Beauty School 1312 Bridford Pkwy Suite 105, Greensboro, NC 27407, United States
6 Paul Mitchell The School Fayetteville Cross Creek Mall #505A, Fayetteville, NC 28303, United States
7 Academy of Nails & Esthetics 415 Minuet Ln, Charlotte, NC 28217, United States
8 A.R.T.C Beaute & Aesthetics College 4853 NC-55, Durham, NC 27713, United States
9 NC Skin Care Academy 3808 W Gate City Blvd G, Greensboro, NC 27407, United States
10 Empire Beauty School 8700 Pineville-Matthews Rd, Charlotte, NC 28226, United States
11 Health and Style Institute 500 Four Seasons Town Center, Greensboro, NC 27407, United States
12 Triumph Beauty Academy 312 N Elm St, Lumberton, NC 28358, United States
13 Avalon Cosmetic Art Institute 6111 Rumple Rd, Charlotte, NC 28262, United States
14 V Tran Beauty Academy 605 Phillip Davis Dr Suite #1, Charlotte, NC 28217, United States
15 Empire Beauty School 7740 North Point Blvd, Winston-Salem, NC 27106, United States
16 Paul Mitchell The School Gastonia 284 E Garrison Blvd, Gastonia, NC 28054, United States
17 Pinnacle Institute of Cosmetology 461 E Plaza Dr, Mooresville, NC 28115, United States
18 Artistic Academy of Wilkes 114 Wilkesboro Ave, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659, United States
19 RDT ACADEMY OF COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL 5110 NC HIGHWAY 87 S SUITE 106, Fayetteville, NC 28306, United States
20 Sherrill’s University of Barbering and Cosmetology 3601 Bastion Ln, Raleigh, NC 27604, United States

Please take note that these Esthetician Schools In NC North Carolina have been confirmed to be the best.

What Are The Admission Requirements For Esthetician Schools In NC North Carolina?

You’ve been exposed to the 20 Best Esthetician Schools in North Carolina. Notwithstanding, you should be abreast with the admission requirements to get into an Esthetician School. Hence, below are the necessary admission requirements. Endeavour to meet up with these requirements, because failure to meet up will deny you of getting admission.

  • Students interested in attending the an Esthetician School in North Carolina can apply online or offline to their chosen School.
  • Students must be fluent in English.
  • Only students with high school degrees or it equivalent are eligible for admission. Students who doesn’t have an high school certificate or its equivalent will be required to write and pass a screening test to be considered for admission.

Endeavour to meet up with these requirements. If you don’t have any of the given requirements, endeavour to get it, before applying.


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