Love is beautiful, love is adorable and love is the most beautiful thing one can ever have.

Today, our focus is on a beautiful love story of a certain couple who have loved each other for more than 100 years.


Many people refer to them as chimpanzees and they were very poor also, despite all the obstacles, challenges, and more tragedies, they never gave up. They managed to enjoy each and every moment that came their way.


They have very special things that combine this beautiful couple which will surely leave you amazed. Yes indeed love is blind and it has nothing to do with physical appearance.
According to the old man’s Identity card , it proves that he was in 1890 which shows that he is currently 131 years now.
For the woman, she claims that she does not know anything about her age, the only thing she remembers is when she used to go to school.
One special thing about their relationship when they were children was when they always put God first and pray to God in everything that they do.
The lady then explained that during their time, it was taboo to sit beside a man and have a conversation with each other and that the family would take their sons to a native doctor to see to the realms who exactly they are going to marry, after that, the parents will ask for the hands in marriage from the parents of the girl which the doctor will choose for the young boy.
So, therefore, due to their tradition, their parents arranged for their marriage even without knowing each other.
After their union, people used to call them all sorts of names where they bully them and call them Chimpanzees, Monkeys, and many other animal names because of how they looked like.
They managed to get themselves children who also brought forth their grandchildren. They help them during difficult times and on daily basis.
The few people who always visit them, give them money and goods but they valued their love for each other higher than the money and food people bring them despite their difficult situation.
Per their speech, these two have never slept on a mattress before, they have been sleeping on a dry banana leaf to their comfort.
The only thing the search for now is good because they are very weak now, they cannot go to the farm anymore.
They made it clear to each and everyone growing up especially the youth to never live a fake life and love each other till the end.

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