Hi, I believe you are here for a purpose. In fact, you are reading this article because you want to know the business to do to make extra income in 2021. I’ll be talking about businesses in Nigeria, that you can do with little or zero capital.




Blogging is one of the cheapest and lucrative businesses you can do with little capital. If you can write or you have the capacity to learn how to write, start a blog. I’ve seen so many people waste their talents on social media, they post free articles, that can either be monetized or start a blog.

Blogging is a good way to make money online in Nigeria. All you need is internet access, good research skill, develop the interest, because Blogging sometimes canned tiring and get a laptop and a lot of time. Your most important and perhaps expensive investment in a blogging career is your time. Time, is what will differentiate you from other bloggers. The more you post, the more you grow.

Also, since you would want people to find your blog posts without manually promoting it all the time, you would need to learn how to optimize your posts for search engines like Google or hire the services of an SEO in Nigeria.

Set up a free blog with WordPress or Wix or if you have some money, set up your blog on self-hosted server; populate your blog with quality content, get people to read your content (drive traffic), get their confidence and monetize your blog with Google AdSense, display advert, affiliate marketing or sell information products such as ebooks, etc.


Robertrt Kiyosaki once said, ”the real estate business is the road to take”.

Can you guess why? These are passive income channels that you can make money from even when you’re sleeping.  Every entrepreneur dreams to retire one day and be financially free. That can only be possible if you build passive numerous income streams like real estate. You can be a realtor to a reputable real Estate company.


This business is lucrative because people would always need food, I remember during the corona pandemic when there was lockdown, all other businesses were closed but FOODSTUFF business remained, in fact, the government named it ‘essential commodity’ If you are passionate about cooking, then you need not waste any more time, because you can also join catering and baking business. Turn that passion into a daily income business, so that  you can have  financial freedom. From weddings to birthdays to events, the list is endless.  There is a huge market out there waiting to buy from you. It is important to build a strong relationship with your customers and also provide good customer service.




Don’t underestimate the profit in dry cleaning business. Boys are really smiling to the bank with this business. I think, even ladies will do better with dry cleaning business. This is a business you can start right from your home. All you need is a washing machine and iron, if you can’t afford washing machine, you can use your hand, till you’ll get enough money for washing machine. This type of business is profitable in well populated areas or Estates. It is important to keep your service delivery above expectations to attract more clients to your business.




Mobile bank business is a business that has come to stay in Nigeria. Mobile bank agents serves as middle persons between the bank and grass roots customers. We have places where banks are not situated, and people are under- banked. There is need for a POS agent. Approach your bank and ask for a POS machine.

The market is large and there are lots of business opportunities in Nigeria lurking around yet to be unexplored. You can start up a business today that will grow and scale into becoming one of the largest businesses in Nigeria. Don’t be afraid to take that first step!



One major opportunity the pandemic period afforded Nigerians is ONLINE CLASSES There is increased demand for online education now more than ever. You can start online tutorials on any subject that you are great at and get paid handsomely for it. You can hold classes on social media platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook and zoom or you can choose to upload some courses on platforms like Udemy, Selar, Ecwid etc



I want you to drop your idea of businesses to do in the comment session.






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