What prayer is to an excellent Leader

Prayer is the product of the unity between the human spirit and the Holy Spirit. It is beyond intellect. When you pray, you are connecting your spirit with the spirit of God.

God pays attention to our thoughts, so you must make sure that your thoughts align with your prayers. When ever you are in the place of meditation you are generating powers.

As a leader make sure you pray in the spirit, in all occasion. When you pray, your spirit goes in search of where God is.

The secret of becoming something is by meditation, you will reflect the glory of God if you fellowship with God always.

Every excellent leader on earth has a secret, and there is something that makes them stand out, and it is the transaction that goes on in their secret place. If you don’t have a prayer life, you don’t have a business with God.

There are a lot of things we can learn from the life of Daniel. Daniel chapter 5:10-12

Daniel was a leader of leaders

The Leadership quality of Daniel


√ Daniel has the spirit of Holyghost

√Daniel has insight, and that’s why he made a lot of impact

√Daniel is intelligent

√Daniel has wisdom

√Daniel has an excellent spirit

✓Daniel can interpret dreams

✓Daniel can solve difficult problem


Jesus started with prayers and ended with prayer

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