Distinguishing Toads From Frogs In Internet Dating
Once you find the right frog to kiss, he just might turn into the handsome prince that the fairy-tale talks about. On the other hand, a toad is always a toad and they carry many warts around with them. Thousands of people join dating sites daily and at least half of them are new toads. That’s why the trick is sorting out the toads from the frogs as fast as you can. Of course, it’s not an easy task, but you’ve got to at least try so that you don’t let the toads get close enough to you to grab a kiss. You should also keep in mind that everyone is usually a toad to SOMEONE in the dating world due to individual preferences.
The first way you can tell a toad from a frog is that toads are known for lurking. If some guy keeps looking at your online dating profile but he never tries to communicate with you, most likely he’s a toad. The frogs will either contact you or move on. They won’t keep hanging around to the extent that you feel like you’ve got a stalker.
Another toad tactic is self-contradiction. Take a look at their profiles and look for things that don’t add up. If he claims that he’s a fun loving guy but other things show that he’s got some latent hostility going on, he’s probably a toad. A princely frog will match their words and intentions.
Toads have no respect for your boundaries. So if you come in contact with some guy that wants to move from the phone directly to in person in spite of the fact that you’re not comfortable with that, you’ve found yourself a toad. A frog will care about your comfort and will let you set the pace.
A toad will ask you out in the very first email he sends to you. Toads write just one email and do a cut and paste to all the women he found interesting that day. They don’t care about getting to know you. Frogs will at least ask you a question about yourself to get the conversation started.
Toads get sexual almost immediately. If he starts out by asking you what you like sexually, take off! He doesn’t belong on a respectable dating website. A frog will work into that subject in a much more appropriate time frame.
It’s not possible to completely repel all the warts, but you can certainly keep a lot of them away. You may still end up having to kiss your share toads before finding the frog that will become your prince. However, keep in mind that part of the fun of dating online is driving away the toads. If you have the right kind of online dating profile, the frogs will find you easily enough. In addition, remember that you’ll need to pay close attention to detail as well as using your intuition if you want to land your princely frog.

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