I get advances everyday from both married and single ladies because I’m a fine boy||Solomon Onyiba.

I get advances everyday from both married and single ladies because I’m a fine boy||Solomon Onyiba.

I work out everyday, because I want to be like Messi Ronaldo||Solomon Onyiba

My name is Solomon Onyiba, and I’m a popular footballer in portharcourt. I don’t have a great relationship with my father because he is an ex-military man. My father was very hardworking while I was growing up, but that wasn’t always the case. He was a very serious person, and after secondary school, my mother wanted me to study medicine, but I had a passion for football.

I miss a lot of friends because football requires a lot of sacrifices for me. Many people will not take you seriously, and many will dismiss you as a jobless person, but only you know what you’re up to. I play with Legend Football Club in Portharcourt.

I also play with an Abuja-based academy called Dapriest Polific Academy. I was also drafted for an international conference, but the covid ’19 had a significant impact on my career. We had a lot of regression during the lock down and I was also selected for a tournament in Qatar, but we had to return because the academy was closed down.

All of the coaches I’ve worked with have always picked me for any opportunity. My dream is to become a professional football player, and I’m also enrolled in the National Open University in my city, where I hope to obtain a certificate.

I’m not in a relationship right now because I’ve had problems with so many girls, these days girls don’t understand what it takes to be successful.

I love a good and happy relationship. Most girls want to club and play around with. I used to have a girl friend who only wanted me to cuddle and cuddle. She didn’t want to have serious discussions and she didn’t want a relationship that was purposeful. I’ve tried a lot of relationships, but they don’t work out because our hearts aren’t in the same place. The girls want to go clubbing and have no focus or purpose, whereas I want to pursue a career in football and, as you may know, Messi Ronaldo is my role model. I want to be like him.

So I work out every day and work hard to ensure that I am fit because if I am not, nobody will pick me for any opportunity, and if I see a serious relationship, I won’t mind, but I just hope the girls in my life understands what I’m into, because my girlfriend wants me all of the time but I don’t have all of the time.


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